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GURL LOOK AT THAT BODY (and headjoint… and footjoint……)

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my parents literally never gave me the sex talk they just sent me to public school  

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  • me: I reblog that person too much, they must think I'm a creep. Let me just scroll past that post.
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  • me: But it was such a good post.
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  • me: Reblog that shit.
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do you ever go through those phases where you just don’t feel like talking to anyone for a few days and it’s not because you’re mad or anything you just don’t feel like talking???

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I graduated from college nearly one year ago. Here’s what I’ve learned since then:

1. I love my parents.

2. I love my hometown.

3. I could never live with my parents.

4. I could never live in my hometown.

5. Taxes suck.

6. Realtors and Landlords suck.

7. Insurance is expensive.

8. Working forty hours a week is tiring.

9. Working fifty hours a week is tiring.

10. Working sixty hours a week is tiring.

11. Doing what you love is invigorating and fulfilling, no matter what the hours are.

12. If you do something for forty hours a week, you have no excuse not to be good at it.

12. Nobody owes you anything. Nothing.

14. Most people are not ambitious. Most do not have long term plans and goals for their own career. And by “most” I mean, the majority of my peers. Even if they do, most of them don’t want it enough to do whatever it takes to reach it. Don’t be like that. Set goals. Do whatever it takes. Sacrifice your comfort.

15. The way you dress yourself is important.

16. Nobody gets a free lunch.

17. Nobody just GETS money. In some way or another it was earned. Don’t be embittered of what others have. If you are, go earn yours.

18. If you are fortunate enough to do what you love, then you’re somewhere most people can only dream to be. Congratulations.

19. Know what you gets out of bed in the morning.

20. Never forget what gets you out of bed in the morning.

21. People who read on a regular basis are usually more interesting than those who don’t.

22. Read as much as possible.

23. People who exercise on a regular basis are usually happier and more confident than others.

24. Exercise as much as possible.

25. Drinking is fun, but so is waking up on Sunday without a hangover and knowing completely well what you did last night.

26. Drugs - generally - kill ambition.

27. It’s important to fail.

28. It’s important to put yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s the only way you’ll grow.

29. If you’re never get put out of your comfort zone and if you never fail, then how do you expect to get better at something?

30. If you shrugged your shoulders to that question then you have a lot of thinking to do.

31. Always bring something to the table. If you don’t, then at least know enough to give up your seat for someone who will.

32. Work hard. If you want to go somewhere, work harder than everyone else around you.

33. Be nice. We’re all fighting our own battles. I think Vonnegut said that once.

34. Think about things more.

35. Take pride in your name. It’s the only thing you get when you die and the way most people will remember you.

36. Use your resources to get to where you want to be.

37. Date someone who challenges you.

38. Date someone who’s smarter than you.

39. No man is an island. I used to hate that adage, now it means a lot. Everything you do affects someone else. Whether it’s what you say, what you do with your time, how you smile or even how you say hello. We’re all connected.

40. Mind your own business.

41. Don’t spend it all in one place. At some point in your life you will become so old and frail that you won’t be able to work. Luckily, euthanasia is not a popular belief. Nevertheless, you are going to need to support yourself somehow. Think ahead.

42. Don’t eat like shit. It looks bad.

43. If you start to feel “old” just remember that your parents used to be your age and that ten years from now all these kids will also be your age and they, too, will feel the same way about the next generation. And so on forever and ever until the Sun burns out.

44. Call home at least once a week. They miss you and love you.

45. Care about things. The Achilles’ Heal of every movie character who’s too cool to care is that they actually do. If we were to watch a whole film of someone who didn’t give a shit about anything, we would leave the theatre feeling cheated and angry. It’s the scene where they show they care that gets us. We like people who care about things because it makes them vulnerable and we can relate to that.

46. Don’t give up. People may say you’re crazy. At times, you certainly will think you are crazy. But if you’re trying to do something or be somebody, it takes time. Lots of it. Don’t give up.

47. Let people know how you feel about them. If someone makes you happy, tell them. In some way or another. I’m not saying to walk up to someone and say, “Hey, you make me happy.” That’s weird. Say something more like, “Hey, awesome job at ____ I had a great time.” Or something to that extent. It’ll go a long way.

48. You will change. Think about yourself. Know yourself. Find out why you do certain things and why you’ve become who you’ve become. The best parts of a television series like MAD MEN is the way all the characters have changed and how these changes are lined up and orchestrated. Change is important. Make sure you know what’s happening to yours.

49. Your idealism will be threatened. Without taking a jaded point of view, do keep in mind that the world is extremely complicated and those complications often get in the way of butterflies and rainbows being true. If you’re my age or younger, you were probably coddled when you were brought up.

Grow some balls and learn to deal with the world on your own. You’re gonna hate it, but you need to be able to love all of it. The shitty days when no one is your friend and you feel stagnant and frustrated, upset and disconnected, disenfranchised and embittered that you aren’t the successful and beautiful person you’ve always dreamt of; I guarantee you, during those days there will be people who will think of your name and instantly become happy.

That itself is worth something.

Learn to love it all.

If you need help, watch this clip from a movie called Network.

50. Always wipe twice.

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